IO. Contemporary architecture studio aims at designing aesthetically nourishing spaces which bring people together and transcend time.
Projects span a broad range of scales, including product design, building design, retail stores, private residences and art installations.
There is not one part of the creative process that IO would miss! All the way from design to manufacturing, IO is present and in charge of every aspect.

By Ioanna Tsigeni
(Architect, Visualizer)

Ioanna Tsigeni grew up in a creative environment revolving around wood.
A wood-processing factory run by her father, a skilled carpenter, was for her a unique playground where she had the chance to observe, experience and eventually develop deep-rooted insight on creativity and materiality.
She has not only the know-how but also the access to the tools and a team of professionals that enable her to tackle entire projects and even create custom-made pieces. Ioanna studied Architecture at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, where her final thesis was awarded for its alternative approach.
She went on to work for well-known architectural offices in Amsterdam, and in 2019, she started her own business.
She now enjoys living in Greece because of the abundance of food and sunlight. After all, for Ioanna, natural forms provide an infinite source of inspiration.