We are in charge of the following:

  • Design planning
  • ​​Finish & material selection
  • ​​Construction documents
  • ​​End-to-end project management
  • ​​Rendering
  • ​​Photoshop


Design Development:
We refine the design and prepare plans, elevations, building sections and typical details.
Contract Administration:
We supervise the construction to assure the project is built according to the drawings and specifications.

We design your indoor space to meet aesthetic & functional requirements, making ergonomic arrangements and decorative choices, and creating the atmosphere that fits your taste.

From kitchen design to luxury dining tables, we take care of your custom pieces from design to manufacture. We stay away from mass production and the mundane repetition of mainstream designs.

From us to you with love and timelessness

What is your aim for your retail shop? Who is your target group? What is your favourite colour? Give us a specific record of your design preferences so that we can guide you to unique architectural results.

We choose the right plants for your garden, create harmonic exterior pathways, design eccentric pools and guide you to the atmosphere you want to experience when you are chilling in your backyard or your hotels outdoor common areas.

We also fulfill artistic requests that include the following:


Rendering and artistic photo collages


Installations (for performances, concerts, retail shops etc.)


Design & creation of custom-made pieces of art (eg. sculptures) by our team of young artisans

Working with an experienced crew of craftsmen allows us to manage and supply contracts that include everything, from furniture to complete upholstery (curtains, lighting systems, decorative panels etc.)